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  • August 2010 - PhotonStar win phase 1 £1.2m SBRI initiative

    PhotonStar awarded contract to develop more energy efficient lighting for homes

    PhotonStar LED Ltd. has won support for carrying out a technical feasibility study in the first phase of a major initiative to develop more energy efficient lighting for homes. The aim of the SBRI initiative is to develop a 35W halogen lamp replacement, with a target specification of 90 lumens/Watt and a high CRI of 90.


    The £1.2m research fund, from the Technology Strategy Board and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), will help the company to become a market leader in the best ultra energy-efficient lighting, which will contribute to reduced energy consumption in our homes.


    Environmental Minister Lord Henley said:


    "It is vital that all aspects of society think about what they can do to live more sustainable lives and help to preserve the natural resources we have. Efficient lighting can also help consumers make significant savings on their energy bills. This is an opportunity to put Britain at the forefront of the global effort to produce new innovative and low energy products."


    The contract has been awarded through the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI). Mark Glover, the Head of SBRI, said:


    "Ultra energy efficient lighting could transform Britain's homes and energy use. The more efficient the lighting, the more money we save on our energy bills. At the end of the demonstration period, we want to see high-quality, compact ultra-efficient lighting that everyone would be happy to use at home. We have the opportunity to become a world leader in the manufacture of this technology, which would create new jobs and boost the British economy".


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