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  • Changes to Enhanced Capital Allowance

    The 2015 revisions for the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme come into effect on the 4th August 2015. PhotonStar LED light engines and wireless lighting control system, Halcyon, are compliant. 

    The 2015 ECA revision includes lighting controls described as 'products that are specifically designed to switch electric lighting on or off, and/or to dim its ouput.' PhotonStar LED's wireless lighting control system, halcyon, is now ECA compliant following this revision. 


    Alongside this, the 2015 minimum luminaire efficacies for white LED lighting units have increased dramatically to further promote the use of more efficient light sources and controls. See the table below to see how the values have changed: 

    LED luminaires are required to have an efficacy after 100 hours of continuous operation of:


    Category Minimum Luminaire Efficacy (in luminaire lumens per circuit watt) 2013 Minimum Luminaire Efficacy (in luminaire lumens per circuit watt) 2015
    Amenity, accent and display lighting >=46 >=75
    General interior lighting using downlighting units >=60 >=82
    General interior lighting using uplighting units >=75 >=100
    General interior lighting using combined up and downlighting units >=75 >=100

     - Have a colour rendering index that is at least Ra80 for interior general illumination


     - Have a power factor that is greater than or equal to 0.7 at all levels of product light output.


     - Individual control gear must have a standby power not exceeding 0.5 watts. 



    These revisions will come into effect from 4th August 2015. Read more about Enhanced Capital Alowance in our Regulations section. 




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