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  • May 2011 - New expanded 180 page LED lighting catalogue launch

    PhotonStar are one of the first LED lighting manufacturers to launch a catalogue specifically designed to comply with the LILG "Guide to Specifying LED lighting"

    The Lighting Industry Liaison Group consisting of key industry bodies published their collaborative guide to ensure that performance claims are made in a consistent way. It takes into account new IEC standards. It is expected that this will become the template as the basis for the specification of LED luminaires performance criteria. The new PhotonStar catalogue has been specifically designed to present the data clearly, precisely and in accordance with the guide.


    The new PhotonStar LED Lighting Catalogue features an extended range of luminaires for the specification market, each with a wide choice of performance PhotonStar light engines. This gives the flexibility to match the right aesthetic and mechanical solution to a number of illumination and efficiency possibilities, as well as award winning white colour tuneable light engines and RGBW options.


    For more information or to request a catalogue visit



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