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  • PhotonStar to present at IBM Interconnect 2017

    PhotonStarTM CEO, Dr. James McKenzie, is presenting at IBM Interconnect 2017 on how halcyonTM cloudBMSTM Delivers IoT-Based Building Management-as-a-Service with IBM Watson IoT Platform.


  • PhotonStar to speak at CIBSE Circadian Lighting Event

    PhotonStar Group Marketing & Business Development Director, Fenella Frost, will be presenting on Circadian Lighting in Education and Healthcare in the Built Environment at the next CIBSE Technical Meeting.

Industry News

  • Sleep deprivation ‘costs UK £40bn a year’ – BBC Report

    According to a BBC report, ‘Sleep-deprived workers are costing the UK economy £40bn a year and face a higher risk of death’.