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City of Darwin is proud to present the City of Darwin Annual Report for 2017/18.

This report outlines City of Darwin’s performance over the year against the goals and outcomes of the Evolving Darwin Towards 2020 Strategic Plan, Annual Municipal Plan and budget. It also provides an insight into our aspirations for the future to ensure we remain on track to deliver on our 2020 vision. The Annual Report is Council’s primary tool for reporting to our community and stakeholders on service delivery and financial performance, and is a vital part of our overall governance framework and commitment to transparency and accountability. Our community and stakeholders include Darwin residents and ratepayers, local business owners, potential investors, community groups, government agencies, funding bodies and present and future staff. In accordance with the Local Government Act, all councils must present an annual report to the Minister by 15 November each year. The annual report must include a copy of the council’s audited financial statements for the relevant financial year and it must contain an assessment of the council’s performance against the objectives stated in the relevant municipal plan, including indicators of performance. In addition to meeting our legislative obligations, the objectives with this report are to:

  • Communicate our vision and strategic direction to the community.
  • Instil community confidence in our ability to show strong leadership and deliver on our promises.
  • Demonstrate our commitment to good governance as an accountable and transparent local government.
  • Promote City of Darwin and Council to investors locally and with our neighbours in Asia.
  • Build confidence and satisfaction in the partnerships that are being created with other levels of government, community groups, local business and industry leaders through key projects and services.
  • Recognise the achievements of our organisation.
  • Market Council as an employer of choice for future staf