PhotonStar Technology Ltd. LED solutions focus on dynamic or circadian lighting, energy saving control, and reducing the cost of retrofitting building management.

halycyon™ can provide a low cost solution to a single problem, on a single site, providing the foundation to scale to connect more rooms, more sites, more equipment and provide more reports, alerts, actions and integration to other software at any time in the future.
  • Wireless Lighting Control (see for more information)
  • Wireless Circadian / human centric lighting control (see for more information)
  • Weather & occupancy adaptive wireless shading / blind control (see for more information from our shading manufacturing partner)
  • Wireless HVAC control including wet heating
  • Remote and automated self test and compliance reporting for emergency lighting, including retrofitting to existing Mackwell and Liteplan products
  • Legionella Testing and automated compliance reporting
  • Tennant noise monitoring and automated escalation policies
  • Refridgeration and freezer temperature montoring & compliance reports
  • Remote access management for existing magnetic locks
  • Hot water system advanced management for DUOS avoidance
  • Ciritical asset monitoring & failure prevention in restaurants (extraction, cold store, hot water)
  • Building use / realtime occupancy data & analytics for automated servicing and cleaning & servicing optimisation, cost reduction and strategic use planning

ChromaWhite2.0™ is a suited to applications where true biologically optimised lighting is required for health wellbeing and productivity, including:

  • Sleep Research or sleep environemnts including hotels
  • Dementia Care
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Hospitals and mental health care

For new build, a wired DMX system provides robust control and time cues, permitting a broad choice of user interfaces including anti ligature and hazardous environment requirements. For retrofit, the halcyon wireless control system provides a cost effective, fast to install solution.